ROBERT PALOMO is an American singer-songwriter of Hispanic descent who lives in Russia, and plays and writes music for the banjo, an instrument of African origin. How weird is that?

Banjo-centric — WTF?

No mystery... just my own brand of traditional and original acoustic Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass music with a banjo in there somewhere.

Sometimes I "banjo-centricize" a well-known song by working in a banjo part. You'll hear American traditional folk and bluegrass music roots, but usually not traditional arrangements.

Coming Out of the Songwriting Closet

I've been writing down original songs for a  long time. But whenever I've played out in low smoky dives... er... I mean... classy night spots... I always stuck to cover tunes. When I passed the half century mark, I decided - enough! Life is too short to play somebody else's music all the time. (And besides, my cats were tired of it.)

I invite you to follow me as I come out of the songwriting closet and record and post the music I've written over more than 2 decades!

My Latest Single

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My most popular VIDEO

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