I have a problem with phones. I hate talking on the phone. Maybe it comes from my Dad having been a telephone engineer who took seriously the old "Ma Bell" ads "Don't live in an under-phoned home". Maybe it was a call center type job I once had. Maybe I'm just misanthrope at heart. Maybe all of the above. Anyway, my mobile phone is not a huge part of my life. It's a "necessary evil", unlike for my journalist spouse whose calls I all too often miss because I'm in the studio with headphones on, or the phone is upstairs, or in a coat pocket, or who knows where.

In November of 2014 my iPhone 3 gave up the ghost. I had inherited if from my telecom engineer Dad, who hated it. R.I.P. Dad. R.I.P. iPhone 3. As a "phone challenged" person, no way was I going to drop the $$$ for another iPhone. So I picked up a relatively basic and cheap  Samsung unit running Android.

Ringtones to barf by

The above pretty well sums up my impression of the stock ringtones. Plus, none of them seemed like they would stand a snowball's chance of being heard if the phone was downstairs and I was up... or vice versa (not to mention the headphones!) I knew I was gonna miss a lot of calls and catch a lot of spousal unit flack (totally justified, dear, totally justified!)

Fresh, breezy, audible ringtones without the pirates

Shanty Choir Tallship MirFor the past year I've had tons of fun performing with a sea shanty group and participating in various seafaring and nautical events. From reading sea stories, I know that a ship's bell is an important thing. It has a piercing sound that cuts thru fog, the noise of waves, etc. I thought a ship's bell ringtone might just be the ticket for missing fewer calls and consequently caching less (totally justified, totally justified!) spousal unit flack.

I was underwhelmed by ringtone offers online. Lots of malware delivery sites using ringtones for bait, seems like. From recording my own original sea songs, I knew I had a decent bell sample and I quickly realized I could produce original ringtones with the time I'd spend hunting online and dodging the pirates... and have a lot more fun to boot. And so, here's my first (and possibly last) set of Robert's Nautical Ringones for Android and iPhone!

Play this little video to hear all 4 ringtones in the package. My personal fave is "Skipper"! What's yours? Leave a comment and let me (and other folks) know.


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