Higginsville Thunderbold and Battle Cry of FreedomOne of my favorite Mark Twain short stories is "Journalism in Tennessee". Maybe it's my Missouri Ozark mountain toots, but I always get a hoot out of the newspaper names Mark Twain comes up with in this story... and I strongly suspect they are "based on a true story".

Of all the great newspaper names he mentions in the story (The Semi-weekly Earthquake, The Mud Springs Morning Howl, The Morning Glory and Johnson County War-Whoop), for some reason I get the biggest tickle out of The Higginsville Thunderbolt and Battle Cry of Freedom. The story of why I named an original banjo instrumental song after this one (may "that ass, Blossom" the able editor forever rest in peace!) is explained in the video. So I suppose I should shut up and let you get on with it!




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