The bastards could never do it alone.

The craft of songwriting is strange. Sometimes a little challenge is all it takes to come up with a fun new song. But the other influences can be really weird! (Print & audio blog)

Are you tired of hearing the same ol' same ol' Christmas songs? Good news! Relief is just a click away...

Corporations remind me of a pack of dogs running sheep. And that has influenced me to support one particular candidate for the US presidency in 2016. Come on in and read more if you think you can deal with it!


Here’s the story behind my "Banjo-centric" folk-rock tune that was inspired by, well, you know, a member of the opposite sex. Them as have been inspirin’ musicians since music was just 2 rocks banged together. 

“Oh no, not again!” I hear you groan. 

Yes, again. But you love that kind of stuff. You know you do! So come on in and have a listen.

When you go mucking about with tradition, you run the risk of offending those for whom it is sacred. We're seein' a lot of that these days it seems. Well, a few years back, I went mucking about with the usual bluegrass arrangement of the old Civil War era song "2 Soldiers". I had my reasons, which I'll talk more about in this post. You can listen to the result and decide whether or not "2 Soldiers" has been killed in action.

After bumping into one of my original sea shanties, a gent over on Facebook wanted to know what makes a song a shanty?

An excellent question, which many have answered. But here's my take... and some audio and video examples you might enjoy.

Listening to this song on St. Patrick's Day might just be the most fun you can have without beer. Or maybe even with beer! (Assumin' ye be av legal age, av coorse!)

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