After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday comes Plain Old Ordinary F-inf Wednesday. Another ploy to get you to part with your hard-earned cash? You betcha!

Give the "nautical and nice" folks on your list a gift of unique, salt-flavored music, knowing that your purchase also helps people in desperate need of basic medical care.

Find out why a banjo player numbered among the "phone challenged" decided to create some original ringtones for mobile phones... and share them with you!

I wasn't going to release this new recording and video just yet, but there's a special reason to let 'er fly now!

Click bait! Click Bait! But it's true: in the last verse of my arrangement of a traditional American sea shanty, them East Cost gals are runnin' around au naturel. I think you'd better click thru and have a listen...

As our fearless leaders around the world continue to "storm the gates of Hell itself to the tune of a single drum", it seems to me the rest up of could do with a few moments respite. I hope this latest little tune of mine will provide you with a few minutes of lighthearted cheer. (Click Read More to listen)

You have to see this to believe it. It's amazing. LIVE banjo just an arm's length away and look what this cat does!

Such great news was flowing out of my native land this week that I just had to release some cheery bluegrass music in celebration. Have a listen...

Check out this video of an original clawhammer banjo instrumental inspired by a fictitious newspaper name coined by Mark Twain in the short story Journalism in Tennessee. There's more here than just a guy playing banjo: patriotic lawn mowers, the steam-powered stars and stripes chickenmobile...

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