Unlike many musicians, on my site you'll find streaming audio of complete songs - not 30 second clips. I can hear plenty of fellow music makers hollering "Hey, you jerk... you're shooting yourself in the foot!" And they might be right. BUT...

In these days of cussin' and discussin' gay/transgender issues, it would probably never raise an eyebrow. But way back when - say my high school days in the U.S. Rust Belt - if the word had got out that a (born) male of the species had gone to a beauty salon and had a session with a manicurist... I still shudder to think of the fallout! So why did I, a baby-boomer gent with friends who are grandparents, decide to go for my first-ever salon manicure?

Welcome the the Banjo-centric Blog, version 2. I've just pulled the plug on my web site and moved it to a new hosting service, one that specializes in hosting sites for musicians. There were some trade-offs involved in the move, one being that the blog from the old host could not be preserved. That's fine... it will give me the chance to re-post some of the better stuff and pretend that it's never been seen before <lol!>

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