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Written during the seemingly interminable winter of 2012-2013, worked on it off and on until release in the seemingly never beginning winter of 2013-2014 (we got it eventually.)

The dark Saint Petersburg winters can really make you lethargic and listless. At some point you feel you're just going thru the motions to get to Spring. In fact, I originally had "Going Thru the Motions" in mind for a title/theme when I started working on this song. Went nowhere with it - ended up with this, which I think worked out better, and which I hope you will enjoy.

A couple of notes that might interest some: this is the first tune on which I ever attempted to play mandolin. Some of you can probably tell. Mandolins are nice but painful instruments, and this borrowed one was even more so than usual, having the narrowest neck I ever say on anything. Ow ow ow.

Banjo: Robert Palomo
Guitar: Robert Palomo
Mandolin: Robert Palomo
Bass: Robert Palomo
Vocals: Robert Palomo
Recorded at the Total Chaos Studio, Toksovo, Russia
Recorded and mixed by: one guess!


  • Banjo used on this tune is a 1924 Vega 5-string conversion, played without fingerpicks.
  • Guitar is a recent Martin D35
  • Mandolin is a very old Russian instrument with a "domra" type body and a custom mandolin neck added sometime in the 1990s. (Thanks to Anastasia Guseva for the loan of it!)
  • Bass is the GarageBand Upright Jazz Bass sample, played on a Korg keyboard.

Marking Time – Original Song Lyrics & Notes

by Robert Palomo, singer-songwriter, banjo-centric indie Americana, Folk & Bluegrass music

Robert Palomo - Marking TimeChorus:
Marking time
While snow lies on the ground
Marking time
While cold wind blows around
I'm marking time until the green returns
Watching as the fire burns
And marking time
Just marking time

I'm staring out the window at gray clouds in the sky
Feeding the old woodstove so the fire will not die
Remembering summer nights with you I heave a wistful sigh
While marking time
Just marking time

Repeat Chorus

So many things around the house I know I ought to do
People I should call or see but can't quite manage to
Some days ain't got the gumption to reach down and tie my shoe
I'm marking time
Just marking time

Repeat Chorus

I know full well and logically warm days will come again
As the planet in its orbit around the sun will spin
But until the season changes, you can bet that I'm
Just marking time
Just marking time

Repeat Chorus

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