"Sunset Knoll" - Story and Lyrics

Growing up during the height of the Cold War, experiencing the Cuban missile crisis as a kid of 10, Russia is about the last place I ever could ever have imagined ending up owning a home. But such is life, and Robert Burns was eminently correct about the plans of mice and men.

Robert Palomo: Sunset Knoll: song art imageThe place we built to the north of Saint Petersburg (I say "we" but my wife really brought it off) turned out to have one benefit we had no idea about when we bought the land: spectacular sunsets on many summer nights. So many, in fact, I ended up calling the place "Sunset Knoll". We oriented the house to take advantage of the sun's path at almost 60 N. Latitude, and it turns out that our big porch is an ideal place to sit and watch them. In mid-summer, you do have to stay up rather late to see the best part. Fine. We can sleep during the long dark winters!

This song celebrates summer nights out on the big porch watching summer sunsets rather than TV. Yeah, it does increase your wine intake, but my Spanish genes don't care about that. It more than balances out in winter.

I love the sound of "double banjo" - when 2 banjos play in harmony. It's not done much anymore, though it was quite common in the days of banjo clubs and banjo orchestras. It's funny how a song evolves sometimes. I was originally thinking of "old-time" style for this tune. What actually happened is much more reminiscent of an old sea song with a banjo crusted on the gunwales of the song. I was allbut finished with it when it came to me that double banjo might be a nice touch, and so worked up a second banjo part and recorded it on a different banjo.

Is it Folk? Americana? "Russiana"? I don't know. Whatever it is, it will evoke pleasant memories this winter.

Banjos: Robert Palomo
Guitars: Robert Palomo
Bass: Robert Palomo
Vocals: Robert Palomo
Recorded at the Total Chaos Studio, Toksovo, Russia
Recorded and mixed by: one guess!

Banjos: '70s Stewart Macdonald Eagle kit, 1924 Vega Style F
Guitar is a recently acquired Martin D35, which was a big step up for me. Yum!
Bass is the GarageBand Upright Jazz Bass sample, also played on a Korg SP1.

Original Song Lyrics

by Robert Palomo, singer-songwriter, banjo-centric indie Americana, Folk & Bluegrass music

Sitting on the porch as the day grows old
Watching the sun go down
It's art and entertainment
You will never find in town
Folks in the city got the TV on
Stress it taking its toll
I'm sitting on the porch 'til the day is gone
Here on Sunset Knoll

Life on Sunset Knoll is fine
Sitting on the porch with a friend of mine
Playing my banjo, bottle of wine
And watching the sun go down

On Sunset Knoll the sun sinks down
In fires of gold and red
Swallows twitter on the telephone wire
'Til the all fly off to bed
Neighbors drop by to sit a spell
And listen to the banjo roll
Like folks used to in the good old days
And we still do on Sunset Knoll

Chorus 1:
Yeah life on Sunset Knoll is fine
My old my banjo, bottle of wine
Sitting on the porch with a friend of mine
And watching the sun go down

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